About Us

Healthy families making up a healthy community is our vision.

We offer Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression, dietary support, spinal and postural rehab (exercises, stretches), orthotics, pillows and digital X-ray.

We are grateful and honoured to be a part of this community.  We believe in giving back and contribute regularly to local charities with our services and by financial donations.

The body is designed to heal.  We believe the body can heal from anything when aligned (under the right circumstances).  Our goal is to empower your body so that this innate process can unfold from above (brain), down (spinal cord) and inside out (peripheral nervous system).


A healthy community with Chiropractic care being the primary healthcare modality for prevention, healing and performance.


To provide the highest quality chiropractic care to help you reach your health goals.

Our Values

Purpose: We are committed to transforming the health of individuals and  the community through service, education and leading by example.

Teamwork: To fulfill our purpose we need each other. We are always learning, hard working, humble and communicating with excellence.

Health: Health is our greatest asset.  We are health leaders.

Confidence: We believe in the body’s ability to heal.

Love: We love our clients. We are enthusiastic, compassionate and happy to serve.

Our Team

Team Darlene  Darlene

I am a 17 year chiropractic veteran, with experience in several clinics, I am blessed to have a job in a place that is so committed to the long term health of our clients.  I am Mom to Alana and David, Nannie to Tyler and Pearl. Married for 37 years to Jim, and have lived with a boy named Joey for the last 14 years.



Team DarlaDarla

I have worked for Dr. Copeland for six years as a Chiropractic Assistant, which I really enjoy. I use to work for a dentist, but I just felt I needed a change. I wanted to work in a profession that really made a difference, that led me to Chiropractic. I am married and a son, and a Dog (Jack Russell- really another child!). I have lived in Victoria for almost 25 years, and really love it here!

Team SylviaSylvia

I left my home in Germany years ago to live here in Victoria with my husband and son. I love walks on the beach, running and spending as much time as possible with my family. With Spinal Decompression, I had the opportunity to truly understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the body’s ability to heal itself – Innate Healing. I feel very fortunate to be working in a healing environment that combines compassion, enthusiasm and the love for Chiropractic.


Having joined the VFC family in October 0f 2013 has truly enhanced my life in so many ways. Being a small part of helping people to achieve their personal best is very rewarding. You can find me in the Spinal Decompression room witnessing the bodies ability to heal itself.  Outside of the office I enjoy cooking, gardening, hiking and cycling. I had the opportunity to cycle across Canada in 2013 with Chris, my husband of 32 years, and I’m always looking forward to another cycling adventure. In our spare time we collect old mountain bikes and ship them to Africa, and since 2009 we have shipped over 2500 bicycles giving them new life and empowering the people receiving them. I’m proud to be Mom to Sara, Stephen and Kate who impress me every day.

Melissa    Melissa

From a young age I knew I wanted to help people. After graduating high school, I completed the Nursing degree program at Camosun/UVic. Most of my nursing career was in the O.R. and included being team leader for Women’s Health in a major American hospital. Although my nursing introduced me to opportunities I may not have otherwise experienced, after the birth of my second child, I choose not to return. A difficult decision at the time, I now know that being part of VFC makes me feel like I am providing the help and care I’ve always wanted to give. I’m married to the best man ever and as a mom of two very active kids, there is little spare time but when there is I enjoy running, cooking, and hanging out with my family inside or out!

Cale Copeland                   Dr. Cale Copeland, BScN, DC

I couldn’t dream of having a better job!  I have been studying Chiropractic since 2002 and I’m more excited now than I ever have been.  It has been a pleasure to help thousands of people over that time and many of them came to see us as a last resort.


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