Body PostureMany people are shocked to hear that posture has such a big effect on health and mood!  Studies have linked early death, depression, hiatal hernia, uterine prolapse, decreased mobility, balance problems and more to postural distortions.

Improving your posture is no easy task and most people need help.

If you have concerns about your posture, there is a good chance we can help.  First you need a biomechanical/structural assessment of the spine done and we will let you know if there is a problem, if we can help and details regarding care.


“When in alignment, the power that made the body, heals the body.” – Fred Schofield.  Because the spine protects and houses the central nerve system, a problem with alignment will affect function.  When the alignment of the frame of a car is out, it wears out the soft tires.  When the alignment of hard frame of the body (spine) is out, it wears out the soft discs, ligaments, joints and cartilage.

We encourage parents to get their children checked before problems become chronic and difficult to fix.



Movement is life.  If you are unable to move due to discomfort or pain, you need to get your problem assessed.  We know that there is nothing the body cannot improve from as long as nothing interferes with this natural process.  This doesn’t mean that regeneration is easy.  For some change is a difficult process and don’t forget that true healing from a chronic issue takes time.

Bottom line:  Fitness needs to become part of your life and it must be something you enjoy.



  1. Heart/Lung/Blood Vessels:  Exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming, running or any other exercise that increases heart and breathing rate.  Any amount of time is beneficial, but aim for 15 minutes or more 3 times a week.
  2. Stretch:  Long muscles are stronger, more adaptable to stress, plus they improve joint function and longevity.  Spinal hygiene or some other form of spine stretching is recommended daily.
  3. Strength:  The first thing to start with whether you are 90 or a world class athlete is the core (spinal extensors, gluts, abs, obliques, quads and hamstrings).  A strong core will significantly improve agility, limb strength, posture, spinal stability and performance (whether it be shooting a puck or lifting a grandchild).  Full body exercises are ideal, such as, squats, planks or kettlebells.  Invest in a qualified trainer to show you how to perform these exercises correctly, the investment will last a lifetime!
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