headachesMigraineIf you have ever had one you understand.  Migraines can be moderate to severe and often require people to miss work or get by taking heavy painkillers leaving them in a haze.

Typically migraines are associated with nausea or sensitivity to light and classically are preceded with changes in vision such as flashing lights or partial vision loss (aura) and prodrome.

Like many health conditions the cause of migraines in unknown (idiopathic), however there is believed to be a neurologic link which likely explains why we have helped so many suffering people.  The neurologic control system of the body is the central nervous system, which is protected and housed by the skull and spine.  Misalignments (subluxations) at these areas, especially the skull and neck, very commonly cause headaches such as migraines.

Although we have had great success with migraine sufferers getting off medications and leading the life they had hoped for, there is no way of knowing if we can help without a thorough assessment.  Many times people can get an appointment on the same day and we should be able to tell you on your first visit if we think we can help, the cost, length of time and options.

Dizziness & Vertigo

Dizzy HeadachesDizziness refers to a problem with balance and can often be induced by spinning.  Vertigo refers to the sensation that the room is spinning and is frequently associated with nausea and or vomiting.

The medulla oblongata, also known as the brainstem, is the area of the body responsible for our balance.  Balance is regulated by our vision and inner ear structures which are controlled by cranial nerves two (optic), three (oculomotor), four (trochlear), six (abducens) and eight (vestibulcochlear).

This explains why we have had such terrific success with these conditions because these nerves are directly affected by C1 and C2, which protect the brainstem, and the cranium.

We hope we can help!  After a comprehensive assessment and exam we can usually let you know by the first visit if you are in the right place.

 Tension Headaches

The most common form of headaches is tension headaches.   Symptoms can be mild to severe and episodic to chronic.   People describe them as pressure in the head that can travel through the head, shoulders and upper back.  There are many causes but the common ones are; spinal misalignment, poor posture, repetitive strain, and stress.

Tension HeadachesMedical treatment uses a variety of chemical drugs to numb symptoms.  Our focus here is different as we seek to locate and correct the cause, allowing the body’s inherent healing intelligence to restore homeostasis (balance in the body) and stop pain.

We have had tremendous success with tension headache sufferers because stress and strain are primary causes of spinal misalignments that clog the healing wisdom found within us all.  Subluxations (3 dimensional spinal misalignments) in the thoracic (mid back) or cervical (neck) spine are the most locations that cause these headaches.

Although there is no guarantee we can help, after a proper examination we can quickly let you know.

TMJ Syndrome

TMJ HeadacheTemporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is becoming more common and is typically painful.  It used to be a disorder people could get after long dental visits with the jaw in an extended position, but now that is often not the case.

Symptoms range from localized pain over the TMJ joint (often confused as ear pain due to its close proximity), clicking or popping in jaw on opening and closing the mouth and lessened ability to open the jaw wide.

The TMJ is a more complex joint than finger joints as it can move laterally and it contains a disc between the condyles of the jaw and the skull.  This joint is one of the most highly innervated joints of the body making it succeptible to problems in communication with the central nerve system.

We have had much success with helping people with TMJ syndrome.  After a proper examination we can let you know if we can help, options for care, length of time required and cost.

Cluster Headaches

These headaches are said to be one of the most painful things a person can experience and have been associated with people taking their life to stop the pain!  These headaches come on quickly and tend to last no longer than three hours.  The pain is unilateral (on one side of head) and typically over the temporal (side of head), frontal or eye areas.  As the name implies these headaches come in clusters followed by periods of remission. Yet again, the etiology of these headaches is unknown, but most theories point to a problem neurologically in the hypothalamus (region of the brain).

If you or someone you know is suffering with these headaches call us for a consultation and after an examination we can let you know if we can help, options for care, length of time required and cost.

Chiropractic focuses on removing blockages in the central nerve system restoring the natural homeostatic process of the body.  These blockages or misalignments can be in the cranium or spine and chiropractic has helped many people suffering with these headaches.

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