low back painLow Back Pain

It affects everything in your life, from activities like vacuuming, sports, work, playing with children or grandchildren, your mood, relationships and sleep!  It can be frightening to wonder what this may mean for your future and the uncertainty of what is wrong. The good news is that we have helped hundreds of people like you! First we need to find out what is causing the problem to see if we can help you heal.

There are many causes of lower back pain ranging from spinal decay or degeneration to spinal or pelvic misalignment or even neck problems!  Fortunately we have on-site digital X-ray, if needed, to help discover the cause.

If we can help, a customized plan of action will be presented to you letting you know what your specific problems is, your options, time required and cost.

Neck PainNeck Pain

“This is a pain in the neck.”  It’s a cute saying but neck pain can range from annoying to disabling!  The cervical spine (AKA the neurologic foundation of the spine) is a critical structure because it houses the brainstem and nerves travelling to the thyroid, digestive and abdominal organs, shoulders, arms and hands.  The brainstem supports critical body functions like balance, vision, hearing, digestion, temperature, immune function, cardiovascular function and hormonal regulation.

The good news is that we have helped hundreds of people like you!  But first we need to find out what is causing the problem to see if we can help you heal.  There are multiple causes of neck pain such as, spinal misalignment, loss of cervical lordosis, spinal decay or degeneration, disc injury, whiplash, trauma and more.  If we can help, a customized plan of action will be presented to you letting you know what is causing your problem, your options, time required and cost.


This miraculous experience for some women can be needlessly painful, taking away from the enjoyment of the process and can lead to an inability to connect with their child and body.  Pregnancy can be a time of high anxiety as mothers want to deliver a healthy baby and ensure they have the physical and mental capacity to do so.painPregnancy

We have experience helping many pregnant mothers.  Many choose to see us throughout pregnancy, despite the absence of symptoms, to ensure the normal development of their baby and to help them have a natural child birth free of intervention.

Did you know the uterus is stretched more than 500 percent of its normal size and is anchored to the sacrum (the lowest part of the spine that forms the base of the spine between the pelvic bones) by six strong ligaments. The spine is more important than ever during pregnancy because the central nerve system is coordinating the development of your child and the changes your body goes through. Problems with the spine and pelvis interfere with this process and can influence not only the fetus but you as well!

Sacroiliac ProblemspainSacroiliac

The sacroiliac joints (also know as the SI joints) are part of the critical foundation of the spine.  These synovial joints lie between the sacrum and pelvic bones and are lined with two different types of cartilage.  SI problems are often confused with hips joint issues because of their close proximity and because they can radiate pain there.

The two pelvic bones move as a functional unit and commonly become torqued or deficient in a fixed position.  This can cause a variety of problems ranging from severe pain, hips, knee, ankle and foot problems,  muscle strains of abdominals, hamstrings and groin, sexual function disturbances, bowel and bladder issues, pregnancy complications, radiating pain in the groin, buttocks or legs and leg length differences.

We have helped many people with SI joint complaints and surprisingly these issues are frequently compensations for spinal problems in the cervical spine (neck).



Scoliosis refers to a curvature of the spine when viewed from the front or back on X-ray.  Causes range from mostly idiopathic (unknown cause) to congenital (born with) to secondary to some neuromuscular issue such as trauma or spinal misalignment.

Severity of spinal curve can vary tremendously ranging from asymptomatic (no symptoms) to physical deformity and disability.

We have helped hundreds of people live active pain free lives.  Often we see reduction in scoliosis severity on follow-up X-ray.  There are times when we refer clients for bracing when necessary and often they continue care in our office once braced.

Did you know that Usain Bolt, six-time Olympic gold medalist and five-time world champion in sprinting, was diagnosed with scoliosis as a youth.  He used and continues to use Chiropractic care as part of his lifestyle!


Sciatica PainSciatic refers to pain, numbness or burning sensations travelling down the leg/s and can go all the way to your toes.  Symptoms may range from constant and severe to mild and intermittent.  The cause of sciatica typically originates in the lower lumbar spine when a deteriorating spinal disc pushes on a nerve.  This problem can start after lifting or bending improperly and typically is an indicator of a chronic degenerative process.

Can we help?  There is an excellent chance we can and we have helped countless people with this condition.  A thorough examination will quickly determine if we can and if so the cause of your problem, your options, time required and cost.

Numbness or pain in legs and feet

pain NumbnessPain or numbness in an extremity (legs or arms) can be cause for concern and rightfully so.  The most common question people have is, “What is going on?” There can be a number of things causing these symptoms and they often originate in the central or peripheral nervous system.

The nervous system is our focus and we have helped many with people with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, disc injuries, carpal tunnel, T4 syndrome, peripheral neuropathies and more.

We would love to help you or someone you know suffering with this problem.   After a proper examination we can let you know if it is something we can help with and if so the cause of your problem, your options, time required and cost.


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