A Miraculous Experience

painPregnancyThis miraculous experience for some women can be needlessly painful, taking away from the enjoyment of the process and can lead to an inability to connect with their child and body. Pregnancy can be a time of high anxiety as mothers want to deliver a healthy baby and ensure they have the physical and mental capacity to do so.

We have experience helping many pregnant mothers. Many choose to see us throughout pregnancy, despite the absence of symptoms, to ensure the normal development of their baby and to help them have a natural child birth free of intervention.

Did you know the uterus is stretched more than 500 percent of its normal size and is anchored to the sacrum (the lowest part of the spine that forms the base of the spine between the pelvic bones) by six strong ligaments. The spine is more important than ever during pregnancy because the central nerve system is coordinating the development of your child and the changes your body goes through. Problems with the spine and pelvis interfere with this process and can influence not only the fetus but you as well!

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