What, how, when and how much you choose to fuel your body with has a huge effect on your energy, focus, hormones, digestion, sleep, weight and overall health.

Following some or all of these 10 fundamentals will greatly improve your wellbeing, performance and healing.

  1. Don’t eat two to three hours before bed. This allows your body to heal during sleep and not waste energy on digestion.
  2. Take Chlorella. This billion year old superfood is the most powerful detoxifier known, aids in DNA repair, improves energy, immune function, normalizes bowel rhythm and alkalizes the body to aid in biochemical reactions. Start with a smaller dose and work your way up.
  3. Drink lots of water.  Water cleanses the body and improves cellular function. Try drinking mostly between meals to not slow digestion.
  4. Don’t overeat.
  5. DO eat lots of natural food. Food produced by nature is good, food produced by man is typically not.  Is it processed, does it contain preservatives, colors, artificial sugars, salt, how is it packaged, is it cooked, is it fresh? Keep it simple and use this logic.
  6. Take a high quality Omega 3 fatty acid.  This will reduce inflammation in the body, improve cardiovascular and neurologic function and naturally  thins the blood.Wellness Diet


As humans we have certain nutritional requirements.  This is the same for any living creature be it salmon or giraffes.  Fortunately we have evidenced based research that has shown us what we need to thrive, grow, perform and regenerate.  We endorse the following supplements because we have found them to be the best:

Chlorella:  This billion year old algae is the ultimate superfood.  It is a whole food                                                                                     containing all the nutrients we need.

  • It contains more chlorophyll than any plant
  • Is one of the most potent heavy metal detoxifiers known
  • Improves energy and digestion
  • Contains chlorella growth factor which aids DNA repair
  • Normalizes body pH
  • Immune strengthener
  • Promotes brain, cardiovascular, muscle and joint health. Reduces inflammation.

Note: If you experience cleansing reactions such as gas, cramping, diarrhea or constipation, reduce dosage.  Start with 1 to 2 tabs daily and then build to recommended usage.  It takes 3 to 6 months to experience health benefits of chlorella depending on dosage.


Omega SupplementsInnate Choice Omega-3 fish oil:  Few supplements have so much research to validate their effectiveness as Omega-3’s.   We recommend using fish oil with non-altered ratios of EPA and DHA (what is found naturally).  We also recommend a pure Omega-3 (not Omega-3,6,9 combinations) as we are especially deficient in these fats.

  • Important in the prevention of destructive and rampant chronic illnesses such as; heart disease, ADD, arthritis, stroke, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, neurologic and autoimmune disorders.

For more info on Omega-3 fish oil: http://www.innatechoice.com/omegasufficiency.cfm


Probiotic SupplementsInnate Choice Probiotics:  There are more bacteria within our digestive tract than cell within our body, and we have an estimated 50-70 trillion cells so imagine how many bacteria live in your gut!  These bacteria play a crucial role in our immune function and digestion.

  • Help normalize the healthy bacteria in your colon and rid the intestines of pathogenic bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Note:  The process of detoxification can be uncomfortable and sometimes headaches, diarrhea, gas, bloating or constipation can result.  This can last for a few days.

For more info on probiotics: http://www.innatechoice.com/probioticsufficiency.cfm


Vitamin DInnate Choice Liquid Vitamin D:   Vitamin D plays a vital role in body hormones, bone strength, immune response and overall wellbeing.

  • Helps naturally strengthen bones
  • Helps control inflammation
  • Is a precursor to many hormones within the body
  • Is naturally sourced

For more info on Vitamin D: http://www.innatechoice.com/uploads/newsletters/vitamin_d_what_everyone_needs_to_know.pdf


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