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  • Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy on the Rise

    Childbirth is a miraculous experience, but for some women, can be needlessly painful, taking away from the enjoyment of the process and can lead to an inability to connect with their child and body. Why would a pregnancy chiropractor be necessary? Pregnancy can be a time of high anxiety as mothers want to deliver a healthy baby and ensure they have the physical and mental capacity to do so, and that is where we can help.

    It’s common for women to have some complications during pregnancy. Whether it be morning sickness, lower back pain, or the baby in the wrong position, it happens! As a result, more women are becoming empowered and seeking to take an active role during their pregnancy in efforts to have a natural childbirth.

    One of the ways pregnant women can take an active role, is through seeking professional help from a pregnancy chiropractor. As a prominent chiropractor in Victoria BC, we have seen many pregnant women come to our office, finding relief and joy in our services.

    How the Spine Relates to Pregnancy

    The spine plays an imperative role during the pregnancy process. Did you know the uterus is stretched more than 500 percent of its normal size and is anchored to the sacrum (the lowest part of the spine that forms the base of the spine between the pelvic bones) by six strong ligaments.

    The spine is more important than ever during pregnancy because the central nerve system is coordinating the development of your child and the changes your body goes through. Problems with the spine and pelvis interfere with this process and can influence not only the fetus but you as well! Here is a stretching exercise that is great for pregnancy.

    The Benefits of Chiropractics During Pregnancy

    As a Chiropractor in Victoria BC, we know there is ample research supporting the beneficial relationship between chiropractic therapy and pregnancy. It has been proven that chiropractic can help in more ways than one during the pregnancy process.

    1.   Relieving back, neck or joint pain

    One of the main reasons why pregnant women are seeking chiropractors is for relief from any sort-of pain that they may be experiencing. As we all know, there are many bodily changes that are happening during those 9-months. We can help reduce that pain and tension you may be experiencing while at the same time promoting a healthier pregnancy.

    1.   Repositioning a breech baby

    As we said earlier, complications can happen during pregnancy. One complication that some expecting mothers may experience is when the fetus is in a breech position. Research has proven that a pregnancy chiropractor can help better the fetus’ positioning in preparation for labor and delivery.

    1.   Maintaining a healthier pregnancy

    All pregnant women desire to have a safe, healthy, and natural pregnancy. Studies have shown that regular chiropractic visits have lead to an increase of successful and natural pregnancies. Chiropractic is also useful in controlling symptoms of nausea.

    1.   Reducing the time of labor and delivery & preventing C-sections

    The most important reason why many pregnant women will come visit is because of their child. If we can help get the baby into the perfect positioning, we can help reduce the time in labor and delivery. Studies have shown that pregnancy chiropractic can help reduce complications for both the mother and the child which can help prevent the necessity of a cesarean delivery..

    How a Pregnancy Chiropractor Can Help You:

    There is so much that we can do to help a pregnant woman. In fact, at Victoria Family Chiropractic, we have special beds that adjust and are designed for pregnant women so we can provide greater comfort and relief.

    During pregnancy, your spine plays a vital role in the development of your baby. Let us help make your pregnancy as pleasant as possible. Come visit our office today and get your body ready for this miraculous experience.

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