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  • Shoulder Health - Part 2

    External Shoulder Rotation Shoulder injuries can have a big effect on our lives as I am well aware of.  Movements we make every day such as reaching, pushing, pulling, lifting, or moving our arms above our heads when dressing or washing our hair can range from uncomfortable to painfully [...]

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    Episode #012 - Performance Specialist - Jon Cain

    Jon Cain is an Athletic Therapist, Exercise Physiologist and owner of Cain Exercise Rehab in Victoria. He's a performance specialist who works commonly with runners and weight-lifters, but also has branched out to chronic pain clients as well. He has a particular interest in the behavioural-change [...]

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    Shoulder Health - Part 1

    The shoulder joint has a very shallow socket in comparison to the hip joint which has a deep socket.  The main joint in the shoulder is where the top of the arm bone (humeral head) fits into that socket.  This socket is known as the glenoid fossa and is part of the shoulder blade (scapula).  [...]

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    Episode #011 - Parenting Guru - Allison Rees

    Parenting guru Allison Rees has been teaching LIFE Seminars courses since 1993.  Many professionals and parents attend these courses in Victoria through word of mouth alone.  LIFE Seminars has become one of the largest and longest running parenting programs in the world running for over 30 years [...]

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    Living Full Out

    Happy New Year!  The start of a new year can be exciting but it can be scary as well.  It’s exciting because the new year represents a fresh start and an opportunity to grow and live more fully, but it can be scary because maybe things haven’t gone the way we wanted, or the idea of growth [...]

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