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  • Sports Injuries

  • Chiropractic Care to Treat & Prevent Sports Injuries

    At Victoria Family Chiropractic, we have a passion for sports. We understand the thrill and excitement of playing a great round of basketball, soccer, hockey or any favorite sport. In fact, not only do I and my child play hockey, I also have 10 years experience providing chiropractic care for a Junior A hockey team.

    In my timespan playing hockey, I have suffered from sports injuries including two concussions, which, in both cases, lost consciousness. We understand that with sports, especially fast collision sports, injuries are bound to happen. Given my experience in the field of sports injuries, we can provide even greater or thorough care and treatment for athletes.

    Typical Sports Injuries for Chiropractic Therapy

    Most of the time, with a proper warm up and good equipment, athletes of all types are able to play safely. Yet, injuries can happen when you least expect them, and due to an accident or even an underlying condition, that may necessitate treatment with a chiropractor.

    If you are currently suffering from a sports-related injury and wondering if chiropractic therapy could be beneficial, chances are, it can! Sports injuries that can benefit from chiropractic care, include:


    Chiropractors are excellent at handling and treating this sports injury. Sydney Crosby was on the brink of retirement before chiropractic care. Crosby responded incredibly well to his treatments and was healed.


    • Shoulders
    • Elbows
    • Knees
    • Ankle

    Chronic Strains

    • Shoulders
    • Mid/Low Back
    • Neck
    • Ankles or Feet

    Chronic Sprains

    • Ankles
    • Wrists
    • Neck
    • Lower Back

    The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes

    Depending upon the type of sport you play, the human body withstands an immense amount of stress and tension. From intense workouts, practice sessions, and fast-motion games, even if an athlete does not suffer from any sport injury, chiropractic care can help relieve that tension, allowing the body to heal and perform better. How athletes could benefit from regular chiropractic care:

    1.  Asymmetry - Aligning the body

    Most athletes suffer from injuries because of asymmetry in the body. Simply, this is when the body is not balanced and one side of the body is different than the other. Proper chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, and even stretching techniques can help align the body and prevent future sport injuries.

    1.  Healing Capability

    We fully believe that the body can heal itself. There is a healing energy in the human body that flows through the entire body, including the spine. The spine, if you did not know, is connected to the central nervous system and, when the spine is misaligned, that healing energy cannot flow. With chiropractic care, athletes can help keep their spine in check and insure their body continues its natural healing tendencies.

    1.  Increased Flexibility

    A chiropractor can also help keep an athlete’s body flexible through different treatments, including adjustments, spinal decompression, and even basic stretches and rehab exercises. Through focusing on your range of motion and flexibility, you can prevent tight muscles, strains, and other sports-related injuries.

    How We Can Help You:

    At Victoria Family Chiropractic, we see all different athletes from kids, to weekend warriors and amateur athletes to professionals, playing every sport imaginable. So, if you are suffering from a sport injury sustained during a game, stop by our office and let us help get you back into the game. With regular treatments and inclusion of stretching or rehab exercises, your team will have you back in no time! Call us and book your appointment today.

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