Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Victoria BC

The Start of Victoria Family Chiropractic

Those who are suffering from a motor vehicle accident hold a special place in the heart of Victoria Family Chiropractic, for good reason.

Before I entered the field of Chiropractics, I was hit by a motor vehicle at high speeds while riding my bicycle. This resulted in a broken femur, concussion, massive pelvic blood hematoma, collapsed lung, several rods and pins, and extensive surgery.

After leaving the hospital, my lawyer had recommended that I see a chiropractor. After finding relief from chiropractic treatments, I pursued the journey to becoming a Victoria chiropractor.

This led me to a passion to help other people. Our goal is to provide the best chiropractic care and get you back to pre-accident shape, or better!

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can leave trauma victims with life-long reminders of their accident. It’s imperative that trauma victims get the proper help as soon as possible. If you are currently suffering from whiplash or concussion, chances are, chiropractic can help.


Whiplash occurs when the neck is jerked or whipped because of being hit from the front, back, or side, resulting in significant neck pain. This neck injury is mostly known to be caused during motor vehicle accidents. In most cases, classic treatments like muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatories should help calm the neck pain; however, when this does not work, a cervical x-ray it’s required to see if the natural lordosis has been altered from the whiplash.

Symptoms from whiplash vary largely but head, neck, shoulder and arm pain, lack of neck motion, headaches and sensory changes such as numbness and tingling are common.

It may be necessary to take cervical X-rays (we have on-site digital X-ray) as whiplash injuries commonly alter the natural lordosis (curve in the neck). This can only be diagnosed via X-ray.

We take a holistic approach because we understand that many things affect healing. After a proper chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological examination we will let you know if we can help, length of time required, cost and options.


I play hockey, my child plays hockey, I have worked with a Junior A hockey team providing chiropractic care since 2007 and I have myself suffered from two concussions both of which I lost consciousness, so I am very familiar with concussions.

Concussions are another dangerous result of motor vehicle accidents that some trauma victims may experience. Concussions can range in severity, but they both must be treated equally in seriousness. Common symptoms include memory loss, headaches, poor coordination and balance, sensory disturbances (vision, hearing and sensation), nausea and reduced range of motion in the neck. However, criteria for diagnosis of concussions is not consistent, and a bump to the head followed by a headache is often diagnosed as a concussion.

Chiropractors have had great success in helping athletes and trauma victims heal from concussions. Most notably, Sidney Crosby who followed return to play guidelines but wasn't recovering and was on the verge of retiring. Upon visiting a chiropractor, Crosby quickly recovered and regained his championship form.

Once again, proper treatment is critical as concussions can have a major impact on current and long-term health.

How We Can Help You:

I am dedicated to helping anyone that has been impacted from vehicle or bike accidents, or any sort of trauma that can occur. For trauma victims, it can be stressful negotiating and working with ICBC or lawyers, so we are here to help reduce that stress with excellent care.

At Victoria Family Chiropractic, we have written many medical legal reports, provided expert testimony in court and seen these cases close within a short time and last years. Many of our clients have lawyers and some deal with ICBC directly. Even payment for care from MVA’s range from ICBC covering the cost at the end of treatment to various arrangements with lawyers or paying upfront.

Furthermore, what many people don’t realize is that their body can heal itself. It begins with the nervous system and travels throughout the entire body. To stimulate the body to heal more rapidly and effectively, it’s important for your spine to be properly aligned. We can help increase the healing energies flow through your spine so your neck injuries, back injuries or soft-tissue issues can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

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A proper chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological exam (which may include digital X-rays if needed) will let us know if we can help. If we can, we will let you know length of time required, cost and options. Call our office and book your appointment today.


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