Episode #018 – Persistent Kids – Allison Rees

Episode #018 – Persistent Kids – Allison Rees

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 18 Victoria BC

Persistent kids can be challenging. In this episode, Allison Rees who’s been teaching parenting seminars courses since 1993, gives us strategies to effectively deal with persistent children for a healthier parent, child and home. Her seminars have become one of the largest and longest running parenting programs in the world. Many of the professionals and parents that attend these courses in Victoria hear about it through word of mouth alone.

For more information about Allison’s services please visit her website at www.lifeseminars.com

In this episode parenting expert Allison Rees discusses Persistent Kids and how to deal with them. In this episodes you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to be aware of your child’s temperment to better accept them
  • Learn the three A’s of developing self-esteem in your child
  • How to role model healthy interactions
  • Discover the three categories that help define issues and boundaries
  • Persistent kids can be challenging, but learn how to harness this quality for greater health for all involved

This was the second of a three part podcast series I’m doing with Allison and this episode was dynamite! She and I had decided to tackle a specific topic because there are so many areas to discuss with parenting. In this episode we discussed the personality trait of persistence. Although we want our children to be persistent, this particular temperment can be difficult to deal with. I know because both of my children have this quality! You may notice that I’ve already done two other podcasts with Allison, but I feel that of the three this the best so far. The reason for that is that she covered the basics in a simple way that I think people can put into practice right away. So I hope you enjoy, you’re in for a treat! Our final podcast will be uploaded mid to late next month and the topic will be Responsibility in children. Wishing you and your family greater health!


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