Chiropractic Reviews

"I started seeing Dr Copeland just over a year ago for chronic lower back pain...his treatments and advice have helped me get back to being an involved mommy instead of a sideline parent. Thank you so much for getting me back to playing with my kids!"

- Kim N.

"I have been seeing Dr Copeland for nearly two yrs for multiple back problems and his treatments and advice have helped me go from chronic problems to pain free health with regular maintenance. I am so happy to be able to golf and travel without pain, thank you Dr Cale."

- Pat P.

"My experience so far,the staff are very friendly and caring. Very nice to see smiles coming at you when you walk into an office. Although it will take a while to really feel better, already I feel changes for the better in my movements from the few short visits so far. For the many years of not knowing where to look for good chiropractic, thanks to my son, I think I found one."

- Glenys M.

"I have been seeing Dr. Copland since 2004. At that time I worked 12 hours a day, two jobs - after my shifts, I could hardly walk, suffering from headaches and could not sleep. I needed help with mental and physical healthiness. From his encouragement and care of my spine, stretches, exercise, diet, and regular adjustments I have been able to work and get healthy. He has always been open and willing to offer good choices for my health needs. Now I am on a healthy path. A Thank You is not enough."

- Linnette C.

"When I came to Dr. Copeland my back pain was severe - old injury (unretractable pain 10/10) I told him this pain was inconsistent with life . He said trust him and I'm glad I did, his energy, professionalism and staff are exceptional . I now am near pain free ( better than I have been in 10 years even after a broken back ) - As a medical professional, I am very critical with anyone who touches my back - All I can say is " God Bless Dr.Cale Copeland, what a Blessing " - He's 1 in a million ... "

- James N. W.

"He was very straight forward and helped me understand how to heal as quickly as possible. Thanks!"

- Colin H.

"Superior Chiropractor Dr. Cale Copeland is a very compassionate, positive, intuitive, and skilled practitioner. He is extremely effective in helping individuals to heal and improve their quality of life."

- Sylvia N.

"Happy Millington's Dr. C, you have truly helped both of us feel a lot better. Off meds because we now take the holistic balanced approach. Thanks so much, to you and your great team!"

- Jim And Ann-Marie M.

"I go because I get help Great team and great Chiropractor make this one very special clinic!"

- Robert C.

"Way to go! I really appreciate all your great care and I always recommend you highly."

- Juliana W.

"excellent service."

- Barbara L.

"A. Clarke Relief pretty much as soon as Iwalked out the door.. many thanks to the staff at V.F.C. I will greatly miss the Decomp bed.."

- Adam C.

"Great! Since coming, I've felt much livelier, not as stressed, breathing better, standing taller. In general, I have an even better outlook even though my outlook was always good. Marv Goertz"

- Marvin And Jacky G.

"VFC Great people, great service!"

- M. B.


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