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  • Episode #021 - Sole Sister - Mena Westhaver

    Sole Sister is a good way to describe Mena's passion for healthier people and a healthier community. She brings movement to people's lives and much more! She completed her Masters in Exercise Kinesiology studying intergenerational programs, leadership and the positive impacts of physical activity. Mena has worked in Community Recreation for the District of Saanich for 30 years, and is a BCRPA [...]

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    Why Backpacks Matter

    Backpack safety matters because more than 50% of children experience at least one episode of back pain before their teenage years, and backpacks contribute to this. Students from grade school to university need to carry stuff. That stuff used to be books and food, but now it often includes a laptop or tablet making it even heavier. The amount people carry, the length of time it’s carried and[...]

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    Episode #020 - Holistic Fitness - Ken Windjack

    Holistic fitness is what Ken Windjack is all about. He has a BA in Physical Education from James Madison University in Virginia, he’s a Certified Personal Trainer, and is also certified in Biofeedback Meditation and Heartrate Variability Training. Ken has 40,000 hrs in teaching sport and fitness. He competed in golf at the NCAA Division 1 level and was a CPGA Class A Professional for 25 [...]

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    Foot Pain and What to Do About It

    The feet form the foundation of the body.  Foot pain can be common because each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Estimates vary, but the average Canadian takes approximately 5,000 to 9,000 steps a day, which is a fair amount of time on our feet. Foot problems are common and often due to injuries such as sprains and strains, excessive [...]

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    Episode #019 - Kids and Responsibility - Allison Rees

    Teaching our children responsibility can be challenging. In this episode, Allison Rees who's been teaching parenting seminars for over 30 years gives us tools and strategies for raising responsible kids. As you'll hear in this episode responsibility has profound impacts on the functioning of the home but also the people who live there and of course the child or teen. Her seminars have become one [...]

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    Making a Difference - School Supply Drive

    11th Annual School Supply Drive We have been holding our Annual School Supply Drive every August for the last decade.  It lasts one month before we drop off our supplies and gift certificates during the first or second week of September when school begins. This year we are supporting Central Middle School. We want your support because we feel that there is nothing more important than helping [...]

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