Victoria Family Chiropractic Office Tour

Welcome to Victoria Family Chiropractic!

Welcome to our Virtual Office Tour! We are extremely excited to give you a peek into what our office has to offer. The moment you walk through the door, our welcoming and inviting staff will be eager to greet and assist you.

You will notice that our office has numerous unique features and equipment. For example, one tool that we have in the office, that changes the way we can look and understand pain in the body, is a digital x-ray machine. This machine is a great tool for us to identify and share what’s happening inside the body.

We also have numerous different tables that are customizable and adjustable, depending on the patient. So, if we have a pregnant woman coming for a visit, our tables can easily be adjusted and positioned for maximum comfort and safety. Our tables come with different drop pieces, allowing many ways to do an adjustment.

Two of the most common methods for adjustment are:

Classic Method

This is the method that made chiropractic famous. This technique is done by hand and possibly with the assistance from a table or block.

Integrator Method

The integrator is an instrument we use in the office for an alternative drop and adjustment technique. The only sound heard is from the instrument itself.

While these are only two different methods, we adjust everyone differently, which is why we have so many different techniques, equipment, and tools. The reality is, the way that I would adjust an infant is gravely different how I would adjust a 200-pound hockey player or a pregnant women. All this information will be discussed during your visit.

At Victoria Family Chiropractic, we also have decompression tables and numerous other tools and equipment to help provide the best care for you. To expand our resources, I frequently attend different conferences and seminars regarding chiropractic practices in efforts to learn new techniques to offer even greater support for my clients.

At Victoria Family Chiropractic, our decor has beautiful pictures around our office, promoting a happy, welcoming, and family-oriented environment. We are dedicated to creating and establishing the best and most welcoming environment for our patients.

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