Episode #022 – Mind and Body Health – John Hunter

Episode #022 - Mind and Body Health
- John Hunter

John Hunter Podcast

John Hunter completed his Masters in Physiotherapy at McMaster University in 2002. He has a passion for problem solving and finding the underlying cause for injuries.

John enjoyed travelling internationally with the Canadian Canoe Kayak team to many world cups and world championships over the years. In 2007 he was selected to the Canadian Medical team as the main physio for Rowing and Canoe Kayak for the Pan American Games, and in 2008 he worked at the pre-Olympic training camp for the Canoe Kayak team.

In 2014 John opened Rise Health with his business partner Lisa Munkley and has greatly enjoyed working there as part of a multidisciplinary and collaborative team.

John enjoys time with his family and spending time in nature. He also has a daily practice of mediation and Qi Gong to maintain balance and peace in his life with the hope that it will positively affect those around him too.

For more information about John please visit his website at: risehealth.ca

Learn why mental health may be the biggest contributor to health and performance and how to harness it:

  • Discover the thing that keeps healthcare practitioners in work
  • Learn free strategies that may help you and others the most
  • What contributes most to our happiness and why that matters?
  • What does balance mean and how can be achieve it?
  • Learn simple lifestyle tips from the successful ones

I've known John for years through work colleagues. I knew he was a great physiotherapist and wanted to get his perspective on health. It was great hearing his perspective having worked with high level athletes as to what contributed most to their performance. I found him to be open, honest, real and I came away inspired, wiser and hopeful. More and more research and evidence is pointing to the fact that mental health may be one of the biggest and most important components in physical wellbeing and performance. We explored this topic and covered wonderful suggestions to enrich peoples' health. Whether you're an athlete looking for an edge or someone looking to grow their health and life, this podcast is worth the listen.

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