Episode #021 – Sole Sister – Mena Westhaver

Episode #021 – Sole Sister – Mena Westhaver

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 21 Victoria BC

Sole Sister is a good way to describe Mena’s passion for healthier people and a healthier community. She brings movement to people’s lives and much more! She completed her Masters in Exercise Kinesiology studying intergenerational programs, leadership and the positive impacts of physical activity. Mena has worked in Community Recreation for the District of Saanich for 30 years, and is a BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders. She was an active member of the Body Moves Fitness TV show and achieved her childhood dream of skating as part of the Ice Capades. She’s the founder of Sole Sisters Victoria (a walk run program for women that was recognized as the largest of its kind in Canada). Mena also created PowerWest Athletics, where she teaches hockey skating technique to players ranging from beginners to NHL players. However, the title she is most proud of is “Mom to four boys”.

For more information about Mena visit her website at solesistersvictoria.com

In this Episode learn how health is so much more than physical and why this Sole Sister will take you and your community to a higher level:

  • Learn the six dimension of wellness needed for vitality
  • Discover the best strategy to stay on track with fitness
  • The Values that can guide you to better health (H.I.T. acronym)
  • Learn the four P’s needed to grow
  • Find out the self-awareness tip you can use to create more balance in your life

Mena is one of those people where you wonder how she is able to do all that she does – she’s a sole sister. What is more remarkable is that she does it all while maintaining loving relationships and great health. I first met Mena because my son took power skating lessons with her. Despite the fact that she has four boys, with the oldest being almost 20, she was a better skater and more fit than than most of the great athletes she teaches! I marvel at her incredible drive to make a difference while not sacrificing her health or quality of life.

After doing this podcast with Mena it becomes apparent very quickly that she is about far more than promoting physical fitness. In fact, I was really excited to hear her honesty about life and what contributes most to our wellbeing and performance. I think you’ll find this podcast to be inspiring, uplifting, honest and cutting edge. If your looking for greater meaning, balance, health and purpose then I’m pumped for you because this podcast has all that!

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