Episode #020 – Holistic Fitness – Ken Windjack

Episode #020 – Holistic Fitness – Ken Windjack

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Holistic fitness is what Ken Windjack is all about. He has a BA in Physical Education from James Madison University in Virginia, he’s a Certified Personal Trainer, and is also certified in Biofeedback Meditation and Heartrate Variability Training. Ken has 40,000 hrs in teaching sport and fitness. He competed in golf at the NCAA Division 1 level and was a CPGA Class A Professional for 25 years. Ken is also a former CSIA Ski Instructor and is currently working on getting registered as a Holistic Nutritionalist.

He believes in fitness triad of working-out, working-in and nutrition; where 1+1+1 doesn’t equal 3, but 8, 9 or 10 because of synergy. He also believes we can learn a lot about health from the ways of our ancestors and those in the Blue Zones. His mission is to teach others to live a life of passion and virility through health and fitness.

For more information about Ken please visit his Facebook page at: @windjackhealthandfitness

Learn why holistic fitness is about more than just workouts and what behaviors promote not only better training but a healthier person:

  • Good hormones can change with certain types of exercise and recovery
  • Learn how to use your nervous system to influence recovery and wellbeing
  • Find out about the Blue Zones and what they mean for health
  • Discover the simple app that gives you insight into your health
  • Learn how to properly breathe to affect performance, recovery, healing and more

My wife and son were looking for a personal trainer and Ken was referred to me from someone I trust. It wasn’t long before I realized that Ken was special. He’s passionate about health and fitness and I like how he was hungry for new information and research. During workouts he would talk about why certain things were important and why. The exercise routines he prescribed were challenging and both my wife and son were very pleased with the results.

Most importantly, Ken is 60 years old and he walks the holistic fitness talk. I worked out with him the other day and I could barely keep up and I’m 16 years younger and in decent shape. He has a good understanding of recovery and how our overall wellbeing affects the nervous system, health, performance and more. I believe fitness education is important for everyone because impacts not only in our personal health and life experience in a positive way but also for the world as well. When we are well we are able to contribute to making the world and those around us better too. My hope is that you’ll find this podcast as informative and inspiring as I did!

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