Episode #019 – Kids and Responsibility – Allison Rees

Episode #019 – Kids and Responsibility – Allison Rees

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 19 Victoria BC

Teaching our children responsibility can be challenging. In this episode, Allison Rees who’s been teaching parenting seminars for over 30 years gives us tools and strategies for raising responsible kids. As you’ll hear in this episode responsibility has profound impacts on the functioning of the home but also the people who live there and of course the child or teen. Her seminars have become one of the largest and longest running parenting programs in the world. Many of the professionals and parents that attend these courses in Victoria hear about it through word of mouth alone. My wife and I recently attended one of these seminars and we loved it and got so much out of it. We actually heard of it through several friends.

For more about Allison’s services please visit her website or for more up-to-date information and videos check out her Facebook page.

In this episode parenting expert Allison Rees discusses Responsibility in Children and Teens and how to foster healthy levels. In this episodes you’ll learn:

  • Discover how to develop buy-in from your child and avoid conflict
  • Learn the three levels of responsibility and what is appropriate for your child
  • Accountability plays a vital role in responsibility and learn why
  • Discover the two factors Harvard researches say impact childrens success in life the most
  • Learn how letting children/teens fail in a controlled way can actually be good

This was the last episode of the three part podcast series I did with Allison. We decided to tackle specific topics because there are so many areas to discuss with parenting. In this podcast we discussed responsibility in children and this episode is filled with practical information. Getting children to take responsibility can be a struggle for parents and I speak from experience. Some parents give their children too much responsibility and others do too much for them robbing them of independence. I found this to be a terrific episode because it made a complex issue digestible with simple strategies we can implement right away. I hope you enjoy and I wish you and your family greater health!


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