Episode #016 – Major Leagues Chiropractor – Dr. Brett Winchester

Episode #016 – Major Leagues Chiropractor – Dr. Brett Winchester

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 16 Victoria BC

Dr. Brett Winchester is the team chiropractor for the Major Leagues St. Louis Cardinals. He is the owner Winchester Spine & Sport where he practices plus he teaches around the globe. In 2015, he lectured in six countries conducting 30 seminars for doctors, students and therapists.

Dr. Winchester received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic. For more information about Dr. Winchester please visit his website at www.winspineandsport.com

This Episode is packed with awesome content! Major Leagues Chiropractor, Dr. Winchester talks about how to positively affect wellbeing and performance on any level:

  • Learn how to master breathing like professional athletes
  • How to properly engage your core for optimal strength
  • What thinking patterns are associated with longevity and success
  • Learn ways to lower inflammation with food
  • What three things have the greatest impact on health

I saw Dr. Brett speak at a conference I recently attended, and I was very impressed by his drive to learn and get better. His enthusiasm for chiropractic and desire for professional and personal growth was contagious. It seems to me, from my experience, that the greatest people in this world don’t act as if they are any better than anyone else. These people have a humility about themselves and they seem to have a hunger for getting better, learning and helping other people. Despite Dr. Brett’s impressive resume, I found him down to earth and easy to talk with. I hope you enjoy this fun, inspiring and power packed interview.

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