Episode #017 – Professional Athletes Choice – Matt Nichol

Episode #017 – Professional Athletes Choice – Matt Nichol

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 17 Victoria BC

Matt Nichol is a veteran Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 20 years of field experience. Professional athletes from the NHL, NFL, CFL and KHL seek out his expertise as well as athletes from virtually every professional and Olympic sport. He received his Bachelor of Education degree (Kinesiology/History) from McGill University and his Masters of Kinesiology & Masters in Coaching Theory from York University. He is also the creator of Biosteel Sports Nutrition Inc.

For more information about Matt and what he does please visit his website at mattnichol.com on twitter at @M_Nichol or Instagram at Matt_Nichol.

Learn why professional athletes from the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and KHL as well as Olympians seek out this strength and conditioning coach:

  • Learn what to target to increase performance
  • Masters approach things differently, listen to this podcast and learn how
  • He thinks about his business differently than most
  • The mental secret that has fuelled his success

I’m a big hockey fan and I follow a few professional hockey players on twitter and I noticed them following this Biosteel Sports Nutritionfellow named Matt Nichol. It also turned out that a few chiropractors I follow on twitter also follow him. I decided to look into Matt and found out that he’s a strength and conditioning coach for professional athletes and the developer of a product I use called Biosteel. I enjoy his twitter posts for their honesty, integrity, drive to be better and insight into life. I was able to track him down and fortunately he was willing to do a podcast with me. I hope you enjoy this episode and I think you agree that this guy cares about people. He’s achieved remarkable success but you won’t hear it from him, he’s very humble and down to earth. He is a hard worker no doubt, but it seems like success has followed him around. In my experience, nothing happens by chance, so soak up what he says and perhaps you’ll find success following you as well.


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