Episode #015 – Why Punishment Doesn’t Work – Allison Rees

Episode #015 – Why Punishment Doesn’t Work – Allison Rees

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 15 Victoria BC

Parenting expert Allison Rees discusses why punishment doesn’t work for children and what to do instead. She has been teaching parenting courses since 1993. Many professionals and parents attend these courses in Victoria through word of mouth alone. Her LIFE Seminars has become one of the largest and longest running parenting programs in the world running for over 30 years with an average of 100 parents attending each eight-week course.

Allison also facilitates a couple’s course and a workplace course. For more information about Allison’s services please visit her website at www.lifeseminars.com

In this episode Parenting Expert Allison Rees discusses why Punishment doesn’t work for the parent or child and what we can do instead:

  • What the cause of the child’s behavior may be
  • Why punishment isn’t effective and what we can do instead
  • How to deal with issues in the heat of the moment
  • The boundaries we need to set for a healthy home environment
  • Why following through with kids is so important

I had already done a podcast with Allison but felt we could cover more ground if we discussed a specific topic. I will be doing two more podcast with her in the coming months on nagging and dealing with a persistent child… stay tuned. I felt that this was a terrific podcast because of the depth of what got covered. I think because she has such great experience and knowledge she’s able clarifying the confusion of parenting in a simple way. I was surprised at the direction this interview went, I didn’t expect it, but it was awesome. I hope you find the content as rich as I did and that it makes for a more positive home environment and a healthier you and your children!

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