Episode #001 – Strong, Healthy, Flexible Muscles, and Becoming the Best You Can Be – Jamie Johnston

Episode #001 – Strong, Healthy, Flexible Muscles, and Becoming the Best You Can Be – Jamie Johnston

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 1 Victoria BC

Dr. Cale Copeland speaks with Registered Massage Therapist, Jamie Johnson, about strong, healthy, flexible muscles and becoming the best you can be.

Jamie Johnston (@Jamie_MTDC Twitter) is a Registered Massage Therapist in Victoria BC. He has been in practice for six years and while enjoying his clinical practice, he has also been focused in sport. Over his career Jamie has worked with the Victoria Grizzlies Junior A hockey club, Rugby Canada Men’s 7’s national team and is proud to have been invited back to work with Hockey Canada and the women’s development program this year. Jamie also sits on the board of directors for the provincial massage therapy association. He also travels around the province teaching first aid to massage therapists.

Two years ago, he launched a website “The Massage Therapist Development Centre” (https://themtdc.com) with the intent of helping to better the profession and help other therapists gain confidence in their practice. When not working, Jamie has been a volunteer firefighter for the past 15 years and enjoys hockey, golf and snowboarding.

In this episode, we cover some awesome stuff, including:

  • The habits and traits some of the best athletes in the world use
  • How to use adversity as a springboard
  • Is self-massage and foam rolling a good thing or just a fad
  • What a RMT needs to be successful in practice
  • The keys to keeping muscles healthy and pain free
  • And much more

I hope you find this episode helpful, insightful and inspiring! Stay tuned for episode #2.

Wishing you outstanding health,



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