Episode #013 – Eastern Healing Philosophy – Maria Laslop

Episode #013 – Eastern Healing Philosophy – Maria Laslop

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 13 Victoria BC

Maria Laslop is a Registered Acupuncturist, a Registered Chinese Herbalist, a non-practicing Registered Nurse in BC and the owner of Urban Lotus an integrative holistic healing clinic that offers Eastern healing techniques.

For more information about Maria and her clinic please visit her website at www.urbanlotus.ca or you can email her at maria@urbanlotus.ca.

In this Episode we uncover Eastern Healing principles and methods for greater Vitality, Health and Performance:

  • How Eastern healing philosophies differ from here in North AmericaUrban Lotus offers Eastern healing
  • Changing your lifestyle based on the seasons
  • Strategies to find greater balance in your life
  • Why being too focused on health can work against you
  • Why mindset may be the most important factor in your wellbeing

I’m really excited for you to hear this podcast. I’ve been fortunate to know Maria for many years. She’s kind, genuine, caring and very deserving of her success. I think you’ll find what we talk about to be very interesting, informative and clear. I hope you take something from this podcast that improves your life and health and that of your family as well.

Best Wishes,

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