Proper Hydration

Proper Hydration

Proper Hydration Victoria BC

One of the easiest ways to improve your health through proper hydration by drinking enough water.  It has been said that health is the greatest wealth and I think it’s true, especially when you consider the effects injury and sickness can have on our lives.  I recently read a book by future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady called ‘The TB12 Method.’  Most experts consider him to be the greatest quarterback ever and even at the age of 40 he continues to dominate: he just appeared in his record-setting 9th Super Bowl.  So when I heard he had written a book detailing his health habits and how his health was responsible for his success, I was interested in reading it.  I’ll admit, much of his book felt to me like a promotion for his US-based health clinics, but it did contain health information I found very insightful; an entire chapter was written on water intake.

I found his argument and research regarding water intake to be compelling, informative, and certainly his success gives it credibility.  We’ve all heard of the importance of water intake for hydration and yet when I gave it thought I realized I was only drinking about three glasses a day.  I think most people have heard the recommendations of 8 glasses or 2 litres a day.  In his book, Tom Brady recommends even more and I’ll summarize why it’s important and how to actually do it.

Why Proper Hydration is so Critical to Health and Performance

Current research reveals that babies are about 78% water and adults range from 45-65%. That’s a lot of water. That means a 150-pound individual has about 37.5 liters of water in them. Adequate hydration is critical to the function of every cell in the body: it helps brain function, digestion, metabolism, immunity, kidney function, and proper muscle function. It also helps the body transport oxygen to cells and move waste, debris, and toxins out of the body via sweat, urine, breathing, and bowel movements (stool). It also helps lubricate joints and keeps cartilage soft, flexible, and strong. In his book, Tom talks at length about the topic of muscle pliability and how hydration is critical for muscles to be soft, flexible, strong, and ready for movement and performance. Essentially, water is critical for the performance and longevity of your body.

Water Thieves

Signs that you may be deficient in water (dehydrated) include: dry lips, dry skin, dry throat, dry eyes, and headaches, though this is not an exhaustive list. Limiting intake of diuretics is best, but if that doesn’t work for you then make it up by drinking more water. Diuretics are substances that cause the body to urinate more and actually lower our water content. These water thieves are very common and they include things such as soda, coffee, caffeine-containing substances (medications, supplements, and energy drinks), sugar, and alcohol.

How Much to Drink and How and What Water is Optimal

The water intake goal for most people is 10-12 glasses of water a day. Or put another way, it means a 150-pound individual should be consuming 2.2 liters daily. This number can vary depending on size and activity level.  For instance, a 250-pound person who is very active and lives in a dry and hot climate would need more water than a sedentary 100-pound person who lives in a cool and wet climate.

Water containing minerals (spring and mineral water) is optimal because minerals such as sodium and magnesium help the body hold on to water and increase hydration.  In my office we have a natural filtration system that sits on the counter (Santevia). It’s reasonably priced and it adds natural minerals to water making it alkaline.  If a system like that is not an option or you want to increase your intake, you can add minerals to your water. It is also great to add minerals to you water. A product I really like because it tastes great, has no sugar and it’s Canadian, is Biosteel.

Consuming so much water can be very challenging for some, so try starting your day with a glass right away.  Ideally, you want to sip steadily throughout the day so you don’t cause a mass-in, mass-out effect in your body by flooding it.  Carrying a water bottle around can be great for this.  Many people create a timer on a personal device such as a smart phone or activity tracker to remind them to have a sip every fifteen minutes or so.  It is important to do what works best for you, so go out there and raise a glass of water to your health!

Good luck and wishing you better health.


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