Episode #008 – Vancouver Canucks Chiropractor – Dr. Sid Sheard

Episode #008 – Vancouver Canucks Chiropractor – Dr. Sid Sheard

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 8 Victoria BC

Dr. Sid Sheard was the official Vancouver Canucks Chiropractor for 30 seasons. He retired from that role in 2013 after a career that spanned 50 years in clinical practice. He now practices part-time serving chiropractors in North America as a chiropractic radiologist (this designation takes four years following a doctorate in chiropractic and enables the individual to read difficult imaging cases ranging from X-ray to MRI).

In 2015, he was awarded the builders leadership award by the British Columbia Chiropractic Association. He currently lives in Cobble Hill with his wife Joan and enjoys golfing as a hobby. His former associate Dr. Glen Cashman, now serves as the Vancouver Canucks Chiropractor.

For more information about Sid you can Google him, or he can reached by email at sidsheard@shaw.ca.

Here are Some of the Gems You can Take from the Official Vancouver Canucks Chiropractor in this Episode:

  • How Hall of Fame NHL players prepare their bodies for optimal health and performance
  • Learn the main cause of concussion and how to recover from them
  • Hear behind the scenes stories about the Vancouver Canucks spanning three decades
  • Why virtually every professional sports team on the globe has a team chiropractor
  • What the Vancouver Canucks Chiropractor recommends you do to best look after your spine
  • What it means to be a professional of the highest order

A class act is one of the best ways to describe Dr. Sid Sheard. He is a person who’s devoted his life to giving his best to Canucks Medical Team everyone around him. It’s a rare person who makes those around him better just with his presence and Sid is one of those people. He has been a wonderful ambassador for the chiropractic profession and was the official Vancouver Canuck Chiropractor for 30 years during their three Stanley Cup Final appearances.

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