Fees and Policies

Fees and Policies Victoria BC


New Client Visit

This includes a comprehensive history and physical examination, digital X-Rays (if needed), neurologic and orthopedic assessments, and your ROF (see below). New Client visit $95 (does not include an adjustment).

Once the history and examination are completed, the doctor will review the examination findings and a report of these findings will be done. During the Report of Findings (ROF)* your examination results are explained, a written report is provided and X-Rays, if taken, will be shown and explained.

Note: *the ROF is either done later on the same day of the examination if scheduling allows or scheduled for another date.

  • $50 per Adjustment
  • $50 per Spinal Decompression session
  • $30 child (up to 17 yrs old) rate
  • $42 student and senior rate
  • $50 for X-rays of three views or less spinal regions
  • $90 for X-rays of four or more spinal regions
  • $99 per weekend office emergency or home visit
  • $409 per custom orthotics

Office Policies

  • Our office accepts cash, Interac, Visa and MasterCard.
  • A $40 fee will be charged for all NSF cheques. We reserve the right to bill for missed appointments. All visits must be paid for at the time of service (unless otherwise arranged). For your convenience, we offer pre-pay plans so that you do not have to stop at the reception desk every time you leave.
  • We accept motor vehicle accident claims (MVA’s), ICBC, and WCB claims. For MVA cases we accept direction to pay.
  • We currently accept and direct bill to most Pacific Blue Cross Insurance. For all other Insurance Companies we will provide receipts so that you can submit your claim.
  • For patients returning after 20 months there will be a re-examination/ start-up fee of $65
  • Please be aware, we do not allow any outstanding balances of more than $80.00 on account.

Special arrangements: We have never denied anyone the benefits of chiropractic care because of their inability to pay our fees. If financial hardship requires individual consideration, please let us know.

Common Questions

1. Is it true that once you go to a chiropractor you have to go forever?

No. Many choose to use chiropractic care until their symptoms have subsided (Relief care). Others until their spine and nerve system have stabilized (longer than relief care if condition is chronic AKA Corrective care). Many also use Chiropractic as a lifestyle choice to prevent illness, better cope with stress, perform at their best and live at their highest potential (Wellness or Maintenance care).

2. "I don’t want my neck cracked."

Chiropractors do not crack the back, they adjust parts of the spine where there is a misalignment affecting normal body function. Adjustments are safe, gentle and effective.

Some patients prefer being adjusted with an adjusting tool but most are comfortable with the hands on approach. With and adjusting tool no audible sounds are heard from the spine and there is no movement of the neck.

3. Is Chiropractic care dangerous?

Exhaustive research has consistently shown chiropractic care to be not only very safe but effective as well.


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