Living Full Out

Living Full Out

Living Full Out Victoria BC

Happy New Year! The start of a new year can be exciting but it can be scary as well. It’s exciting because the new year represents a fresh start and an opportunity to grow and live more fully, but it can be scary because maybe things haven’t gone the way we wanted, or the idea of growth might be daunting. Going after something meaningful almost always sounds good in theory. Life can be challenging and if we fail to achieve our dreams we can lose hope, but there is always hope and living full out is possible.

I fell in love with chiropractic because it not only helped me feel better but also made me a better person. Chiropractic is wonderful at getting many symptoms better such as pain and dysfunction, usually in a short period of time, but it’s even better at keeping you healthy and performing at your best both physically and mentally. Spinal joints commonly get misaligned and when they do they interfere with our nervous system like a rock on a hose. These nerves run our entire body and that’s why chiropractic can be beneficial for so many things. If you add regular chiropractic to your life as a part of a healthy lifestyle, it will assist you by keeping your body healthy and your systems running smoothly.

Imagine for a moment that there were no limits. Imagine that you could gather the resources to do what you heart truly desires. What would you do and who would you become? I know it’s a cliché but life is short. We don’t know when our last day could be: it may be tomorrow or in 60 years. The bottom line is that life is not a dress rehearsal: it’s right now and we only get one shot. One shot to go after our dreams, to face our fears, to love deeply, to make a difference, to grow, to learn, to be happy and full of joy. Life isn’t easy and definitely not perfect, but dreams can and do come true if we work hard, persevere, and yes, have a little luck.

Life isn’t just about the destination or reaching a goal, though it is pretty awesome. Enjoying life’s moments unfolding is what it’s all about. When we spend our time working toward something meaningful, it doesn’t feel like work. Truthfully, time will unfold no matter what we do, so why not work toward something awesome?

It all starts in your mind with a desire, so what do you want? Greater health? The career you only dreamed of? A wonderful relationship? If you don’t know what you truly want then take the time to figure it out. Your life depends on it. Once you know what you really want, write it down. When your goals are on paper, you can go after them with all you’ve got and enjoy the ride of living full out!



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