Episode #011 – Parenting Guru – Allison Rees

Episode #011 – Parenting Guru – Allison Rees

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Allison Rees has been teaching a parenting program through LIFE Seminars since 1993. She has supported thousands of families in the Victoria area community and is rapidly expanding her knowledge to other professionals worldwide.

Allison also facilitates a couple’s course and a workplace course. For more information about Allison’s services please visit her website at www.lifeseminars.com

In this Episode You’ll Learn from a Parenting Guru about:

  • How to enjoy being a parent
  • Why nagging is destructive and what to do about it
  • How we can affect our child’s self-esteem
  • Our language is a powerful tool and why
  • How to manage screen time

My wife and I attended a two hour workshop of Allison’s last November. We both left feeling excited, hopeful and armed with tools to be better parents. Since that time we’ve had a more harmonious and happy home, it’s been wonderful. We’re looking forward to starting her eight week course this February. I hope you enjoy this podcast and that the content can have a similar effect on you and your family.

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