Episode #012 – Performance Specialist – Jon Cain

Episode #012 – Performance Specialist – Jon Cain

Victoria Family Chiropractic Podcast EP 12 Victoria BC

Jon Cain is an Athletic Therapist, Exercise Physiologist and owner of Cain Exercise Rehab in Victoria. He’s a performance specialist who works commonly with runners and weight-lifters, but also has branched out to chronic pain clients as well. He has a particular interest in the behavioural-change side of the rehab process and focuses heavily on returning clients to good and active qualities of life.

Jon is a volunteer high-school track and field coach at Spectrum Community School as well as the Athletic Therapist for the Victoria Wolves Senior “B” lacrosse team. He believes that community involvement is paramount, whether it’s working with athletes or not, and that exercise-based medicine plays an important role to all demographics.

You can follow Jon via his clinic’s page, Cain Exercise Rehab, on Facebook and Instagram, as well as by visiting his website and blog at www.cainexerciserehab.com.

In this Episode you’ll Learn Mental Hacks from a Performance Specialist and what Happy and Successful people do:

  • Ways to avoid self-sabotage and the nocebo effect
  • How mental blocks affect health and performance
  • How to sift through information to get to the core of health
  • Why health is the most underrated thing
  • Finding what works for you at this stage in life

This was a fantastic and insightful discussion I had with a performance specialist. Jon is a caring, genuine, kind and hard working person who constantly works on improving his craft. I learned a lot from our chat and I hope you will too. Please spread the word about health by sharing this podcast. I believe for many, that health is vastly underrated as it’s the foundation of happiness, fulfillment, success and longevity. The good news is that it isn’t complicated, it just takes a bit of work.

Wishing you fun along the way!

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