Shoulder Health – Part 1

Shoulder Health – Part 1

Shoulder Health Victoria BC

The shoulder joint has a very shallow socket in comparison to the hip joint which has a deep socket. The main joint in the shoulder is where the top of the arm bone (humeral head) fits into that socket. This socket is known as the glenoid fossa and is part of the shoulder blade (scapula). Because of this shallow socket, the muscles that surround and stabilize the shoulder play an important role in maintaining pain-free motion, flexibility, and strength.

The Rotator Cuff

There are many muscles which move the shoulder and provide stability, but the most important group is known as the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles: supraspinatus, subscapularis, infraspinatus, and teres minor. In general terms, the first two muscles (the supraspinatus and the subscapularis) rotate the arm forward similar to the forward part of a throwing motion. The second two muscles (the infraspinatus and the teres minor) rotate the arm backwards similar to the motion of winding up to throw an object. The other muscles that play a role in shoulder motion and stability are the deltoids, trapezius, rhomboids, serratus anterior, and levator scapulae.

Common Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries are common because the muscles stabilizing the shoulder frequently get out of balance. This is typically due to repetitive strain from poor posture, weight lifting, sports that favor specific motions, faulty mechanics, or from old or new traumas. Common shoulder injuries include:

  • Bursitis
  • Impingement/tendonitis
  • Instability
  • Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sprain/strains


Most chiropractors treat shoulder problems. Chiropractors are great at treating shoulder injuries because of their hands-on approach and holistic view of the body. As an example of a holistic body view, neck issues commonly accompany shoulder injuries because if the neck bones (vertebrae) are misaligned, it affects the nerves which control the muscles and joints of the shoulder. If a neck misalignment isn’t addressed, shoulder problems can become chronic or heal slowly. Many chiropractors adjust shoulder joints using laser treatment or their hands to work on muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They also offer solutions to stretch and rehab faulty or weak muscles. Certainly not all shoulder issues are fixable by a chiropractor and if they can’t help they will direct you to other healthcare professionals such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, medical doctors, or rehab specialists who can.

In Part 2 I will discuss strategies to improve shoulder function, reduce pain and how to rehab.



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